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Welcome to Impact Rubber Surfacing

What is Rubber Surfacing?

Our rubber surfacing is an elastomer of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM), that is mixed with a Polyurethane binder and poured in place to create a seamless layer of impact resistant rubber across a surface. This provides a safe and attractive way to cover a wide range of areas both indoors and outdoors. Some examples of where our EPDM product is used are; Pool Decks, Playgrounds, Walkways, Running Tracks, Workout Rooms, Cruise ships, Driveways, Entryways and many more. The example above shows how we restored a broken down deck to a new, safe and attractive pool deck.

Now everyone can enjoy the durability, aesthetics and impact resistance of our EPDM rubber surfacing that major theme parks and fast food chains have been relying on for decades. Our EPDM rubber surfacing product has proven itself over the years as it has saved a countless number of slip and fall injuries. In addition, our EPDM rubber surfacing looks great for many years, even through harsh weather and high traffic. Many people every day walk across our surfacing at major theme parks and the rubber surfacing maintains it's beauty.

For a limited time, you can have our EPDM rubber surfacing on your pool deck at a 30% discount!

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Do it right the first time

Why bother with inferior surfaces that only cost you more money in the long term? Pavers are high maintenance, buckle and crack regularly, and are also torture on your tile or hardwood floors inside your home as you track in all that sand. Kooldeck, Acrylic Deck, and other spray down surfaces look great for the first few months before the cracks arrive all across your deck. As for drainage, none of the aforementioned surfaces do much for draining water from your deck and become a nice breeding ground for mosquitoes and fungus.

Do it once and do it right - Get our EPDM rubber surfacing on your deck now! We can restore your broken deck or save you future headaches on your new deck. Request a quote now!


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